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Why Cambridge English

Why Cambridge English

English is a global language spoken by over 1 billion people worldwide. Cambridge English Exam is a professional English exam taken by millions of people worldwide. If you want to apply for a job or study in an English speaking country, then it is strongly recommended that you take this Certificate Exam. Our intense workshop modules provide a range of study materials and activities for mastering the four skills required for the exam – reading, writing, listening and speaking.Cambridge English Program is for any learner no matter young or adult, any professionals or even housewife who keen to polish their English conversation for everyday life situations. Cambridge English Workshop can teach you to read, write, understand, and speak English more fluently by enhancing your grammar, vocabulary, and communication skills.

Cambridge English Exams enjoy wide international recognition. Also in India, there are several schools, companies and organizations which prepare students for the exams and/or recognize them as school-entry or school-leaving qualifications. Many schools at all educational levels have decided to offer their students the opportunity to finalize their course or program with a Cambridge English qualification. Today, a Cambridge English certificate is an important advantage in every CV and at various stages of one’s career.

Before any tasks or questions are included in a live examination, they are pretested on candidates of a suitable level. Only when all the material has been checked and Cambridge Assessment is certain that it meets the correct standard, is it used in actual question papers. Cambridge Assessment works with numerous of extensively trained examiners to set, administer, and mark the exam papers.

All written examination papers are returned to Cambridge English Language Assessment for marking and grading. As trained examiners mark the scripts, their work is continuously monitored and checked by senior examiners.

There are Pass and Fail grades for the Cambridge Main Suite – KET, PET, FCE, CAE and CPE. The overall grade is based on the candidate’s total score in all the papers.